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Primus omnifuel инструкция: фильмы страшилки топ 10

Primus omnifuel инструкция

Mar 20, 2011 If you want a stove that runs like a Swiss watch, then the Primus Omnifuel is your stove. It's precision engineering at it's best. I mean this thing. Primus cartridge gas (propane/butane mix) is the ideal fuel for the OMNIFUEL stove. The fuel is very easy to use, normally requires no priming, and is efficient. OmniFuel is our most award-winning stove ever. It has been tested extensively over many years and has proven itself on countless expeditions. It is extremely.

3289 PRIMUS OMNIFUEL STOVE. INSTUCTIONS FOR USE. 3289. -0048-05. ID: 048BM-0006. Design and Quality Primus AB Sweden. An even faster preheating system saves both fuel and time. OmniFuel is a sturdy stove that works with LP gas, gasoline, diesel and kerosene - even aviation. Почитав,подумав,решил взять себе на basegear.com горелочку Primus Omni- Fuel. Всего два месяца Инструкция по эксплуатации. Primus shop online. Passion for the outdoors and technical expertise is the secret behind Primus innovative outdoor products. OmniFuel 3289. Download.