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На компьютер astana is the capital of kazakhstan: сезон охоты формата avi

Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan. It is located on the Ishim River in the north portion of Kazakhstan, within the Akmola Region, though administrated. Названия стран, их жителей и столиц на английском языке. Guide to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Astana is an important industrial and cultural center of the republic, also railway auto-transport junction. Mar 7, 2017 In 1993, Kazakhstan's president moved the capital to what is now Astana, blending elements of its Islamic roots with a dose of a personality.

Jul 13, 2012 There is something mirage-like about Kazakhstan's capital Astana. Jul 28, 2015 In a country rich with oil money, the flashy buildings of Astana rise up implausibly from the flat Kazakh plains to form a city stuck between.

На компьютер astana is the capital of kazakhstan