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Карту de dust2 old для css v34, айдар галимов интервью видео

Рекламодателю: Геотаргетинг, тематический таргетинг, таргетинг по времени, объемам. This map is simply a remake of de_dust2; this map involves opening up new areas contained inside the existing map, and expanding its boundaries past the. Игровой портал GameArmy.ru постарался объединить в себе самое необходимое для любого геймера

This map is a remake from de_dust2 of CS: Source game, map is recreated with all buildings, and some stuff from css, keep some things from original de_dust2. I was seeking a map name that fits the 8.3 file format, much like some of the old school maps like de\_cbble, de\_dust, de\_dust2, de\_train, de\_nuke.

De old v34 для css карту dust2

Карту de dust2 old для css v34