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Джомла модуль аудио: гигиена и основы экологии человека крымская pdf

Джомла модуль аудио

Joomla Music module offers seven free audio player templates to choose from. Joomla music plugin supports all audio formats, including most popular Joomla. HD Video Share is a readymade video sharing module that helps in creating a Joomla video gallery website with options to share, upload and import videos. Use Audio Player on your Joomla website, add your audio tracks and create your favourite playlists. Download now and become

AllVideos -бесплатный плагин вставки видео-аудиофайлов для Joomla! AllVideos действительно все-в-одном для управления мультимедиа в Joomla. Amazing Audio Player supports Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0. To publish the HTML5 audio player as Joomla module, in the application, Publish dialog, choose the. Let your Joomla site be heard! This is a simple way to add continuous background audio to your Joomla site. To install module, just download, setup your audio. A new audio component for Joomla, integrated with Jomsocial, Urlin Radio module is designed for making it possible for Your site visitors to listen to the.

Джомла аудио модуль